Grab A Towel Resources AND Interaction Guide



The Grab a Towel Interaction Guide

The Grab a Towel interaction guide is being written to enable readers to engage more deeply with the material. Click on the links below to download each chapter of the guide as we publish them .


Become a Deep Well 

Click on the links below to download additional resources that correspond to the Deep Well section of the Interaction Guide (email for more information on the interaction guide).

Intro Session -
Servant Leadership: Its Origin, Development and Application in Organisations (by San Sendjaya and James Sarros)

Session 1: Character
An Approved Workman: The challenge for leaders (by Tim Tucker)
Lead with Humility and the Opposite Spirit (by Carl Beech)

Session 2: Prophetic Vision
Martin Luther King Jnr: Prophetic Vision Case Study
Andy Hawthorne: Prophetic Vision Case Study


Sample chapter: GROUND ZERO 

In 2013, I had the kind of opportunity that doesn’t happen often in life – the opportunity of a blank page. At the time I didn’t quite see it that way, though. In fact, truth be told, I was still grieving for a vision that I thought had died... Read Full Chapter


SAMPLE CHAPTER: Focus on character 

The Superhero movie is a film genre that still reliably draws crowds to the cinema. The depiction of a person with superhuman powers, willing to battle for justice against forces of evil, has been a winning formula on screen for over a century. But in recent times I’ve noticed that there has been a significant cant shift in the way super- heroes are portrayed... Read Full Chapter