Raising Servant Leaders

Grab a Towel was never meant to be a book that is simply read and shelved. One purpose of Grab a Towel is to provoke conversations around Christ-centred servant leadership in the 21st century, which in turn will lead to revised practices based upon the model of Christ.

To this end, we have launched the Grab a Towel interaction guide - called ‘The hitch-hiker’s guide to servant leadership’ and recently completed our first training series with the staff of The Message. The following is some of the feedback received from those who took part in the course:

Honestly the book was beyond my expectations and it challenged many areas in my life. 


What stood out for me is that the book was written from the teachings and life of Jesus Christ, which makes it more powerful and convicting to everyone reading it.

Thank you to everyone, this showed me how to become a servant leader and challenged me in many ways.

I have really been challenged with "Put people first," and "Lead with Compassion." There has been a shift in how I approach the mission field, I really focus on a connection with people before/during and after an event. 

The interaction guide includes questions for personal reflection, group discussion questions, and suggested resources to ‘go deeper’. The material is currently available for download from our resources page.

If you would like information on how to run the programme at your church/organisation/company, then please email us at grabatowel@message.org.za

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